Ri5D from Beckman

So we decided to start a Ri5D tradition, this being the first time. we decided to go with 5 days instead the traditional 3 days because our program only works 2-4 hours a day. So the robots you see are about 15 hours builds. We built two robots: One with the teacher + alumns and the other with the 2496V team. That said it’s been a very educating experience. It’s been a good way to get some ideas into a physical robot and get a good grasp of how long these builds take for some of the students.

I also told the students I would open a vote for the vexforums community to see which one they like more. So without further ado here’s the reveal:
2496V bot: link here
2496 alumbot: link here

Vote here

Attached are a picture of the two.


Do you have any videos of gameplay with these bots?

Unfortunately Prom was this past weekend, which had been the original timeslot to get more footage, with the start of the season, the students are all hands on deck.
In general, the Alumbot would have needed about 10 more hours of work to be competing ready, but the individual subsystems worked quite well. The Vbot would be able to compete, now that are official meetings have started, they are simply using that robot for referencing purposes, I can probably get some action shots of the Vbot this week when they finishing brainstorming.

Looks like 2496V is in the lead ;), keep voting all!

Nice build, well there goes Pioneer.