Ribbon-Cutter Linear Extension

How do the stages on the Scissor robot work?

The lift on the “ribbon cutter” robot is a 5 stage linear extension. It is actuated using 2 Vex motors which drive a continuous chain loop. This lift is known as a “continuous type” lift. An example of this can be seen here:


As the red cable is pulled tight, the lift moves up. This simultaneously lets out the orange cable. When the winch is run in reverse, the orange cable is pulled tight, and the lift comes down. (Image taken from Raul Olivera’s Mechanism Design Presentation - [

John V-Neun
Mechanical Engineer
Innovation First, Inc.http://www.vexlabs.com/images/vex-robots/ribbon-cutter-extended.gif](http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2005/Workshops/Mechanisms%20&%20Manipulators.ppt)