RickyQ on Live TV!

IFI’s own Ricky Quinones went on Good Morning Texas to talk about VEX Robotics and HEXBUG.


Great job Ricky!

Also great job to VEX intern (and Robowrangler) extraordinaire Elise, who built the “Swarm Keeper” robot for this TV spot. I do so love a 4-bar linkage!

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Very cool, I love all the new habitats and the “Bridge Battle” arena rocks.

I liked how all the cheerleaders in the back and the two eagle mascots were watching the action. R - I - C - K - Y ! ! !

Great Segment!!! :wink:

An advertisements on Nickelodeon will raise awareness in American children greatly…

Fantastic video ! I hope VEX and hexbugs continue to garner these types of opportunities with the media !

What a great news segment!

It’s really nice to see VEX Robots and Hexbugs making the news. Thanks John for all of the bits of information that you have been posting recently. It’s been great to get a glimpse behind the scenes there at IFI.

By the way, did I see some new habitat parts for the nano in that video - any idea when they might be available?

They will be hitting stores this fall, keep an eye out for them!

That is pretty awesome. The other day I was babysitting my neighbors and they were watching cartoons and saw a hex-bug ad on TV and immediately started coming up with a plan to get their parents to the toy store. When i told them that i knew the people who made them I turned into the coolest kid that they knew. It was pretty funny. I love seeing the hex-bugs get some air time on the news. Ricky looked pretty cool driving the bot around and the dump into the habitat was funny and a great way to show off how rugged they are.