Ridiculous Drive Speeds

I’ve had a thought stewing for months about worlds; how did bots, particularly those from NBN finals, get such crazy high drive speeds, without burning out?

They were very light, especially compared to the previous year. Less load means more speed (for the most part).

Yup, in the 12lb range, using 6 turbo motors, often having the 3 on each side assisting each other with sprocket and chain. They may also have more subtle drive code with slew to prevent rapid value changes.

What’s the best gear ratio and motor combination for a 4 motor tank drive?

Think NBN season the fastest average speed that we saw so far. The sense that we had during NBN worlds was the a 1.6x speed was considered slow. In general, you shouldnt go below 2.0x.

But like what many has said, it is really because of the design of the game - the game elements were light and small, there were no requirement to have a high CG for the robots, the intake of the game elements were generally more straightforward, etc.

So all these factors added in to give rise to the possibility of having very light weight and low CG robots, which in turns allowed for higher speed and acceleration.

But those speeds that we saw in NBN worlds, might not be able to replicate it for other seasons.

It was a game of an open field and light objects, of which teams could only hold 4. So naturally it was all about speed. We had an 8-motor turbo drive, because we had managed to get our flywheel to work with 2 motors. Very fast, very fun to drive.

Really just weight and ratio… time to get out the dremel. XD