Ridiculously high robot skills score

As a tower bot, we are happy with our meager robot skills score of 19, and looking to increase it to 30. But how do teams score over 100 points, let alone 200?!! The top ranking for AUTON on vexdb.io is 48. WHAT???!!?!??! Does anyone know how these teams manage to score so many points? and in 15 seconds!! Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Auton skills is 1 minute.


you could watch for yourself on how they get high skills score and what their strategies are


This traybot it have a mechanism that blocks the cubes from falling while raising the lift. Here’s one with a more ordinary traybot:
PigPen 126 pts


I’ll give you a little taste of our driver skills methodology.

Step 1: Draft a reliable plan that your robot can do during the one minute of driver skills
Step 2: Practice the plan by completing the skills run over and over again, timing your self.
Step 3: Once you have consistently hit less than one minute, reliable muscle memory, and are confident enough to do the run in a competition, you are done.
Step 4: Repeat.

Edit: Traybots are the kings of skills. Consider making a new bot if you really want more than 50+ points.
114pt skills for traybot:


And for autonomous skills I would recommend using mecanum wheels. I used omni-wheels on my robot and I really wished we used mecanum wheels instead. Your programing for auton will be much easier and more reliable.

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Also remember skills scores are not official until they are posted in the worlds rankings on RE for qualification purposes.


So, for skills as a tower bot. Try to.make a good autonomous since you will have 1 min for that. Then driver skills. I would try to get some stacks then focus all of towers. Trays are the reason why there are high numbers. I would suggest to either switch or improve. We are switching to a tray and it is going to be better


See .here for a similar question and many great answers.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Plan a spefic route and run it over and over again

hi, mecanum wheels allow strafing right?

ALSO, will using mecanum wheels change our current auton (using omnis)

You can switch only some turning aspects of your auton to strafing, and that would enhance your auton consistency by a lot.

But do as you will. Even us will keep using our omni wheels base for the short term, so mecanum wheels is just for consideration.

so if I ran my current auton with mecanum wheels, would it work the same?

I’m not sure if the degrees amount will change, but just add more or less if that is the case.

And you can change some of your turning programs into strafing, and while that might be a little time-consuming, It’s worth it. But if your competition starts soon, I would recommend staying with your current design.

Are you guys a traybot or a robot with a claw intake?

Ha! So our team loves to say this: 95% of all robots this comp are stackbots/traybots, 4.9% of robots are clawbots, and the remaining 0.1% is us.

We have a cascade tower bot, with a 6-stack capability


U have 1000 teams at ur comp?