Ring intake issues

I know the manual says there is an 8 motor limit, but i was wondering if i could use 9? I want to add a third motor to my ring intake because it is too weak. is there anyway to increase how strong it is using code? i heard rubber bands could also help.

There are no exceptions to the 8 motor limit. If your ring intake is too weak, you could check for friction issues, such as those caused by not using bearings where shafts go through metal. As for code, if you are using any default code, the motors are set to 50% power and setting them to 100% instead will increase its speed and torque. Without knowing what your intake looks like, I couldn’t say if rubber bands will help at all.


are you absolutely sure.

you can’t have more than 8 motors


assuming youre right about the 8 motors (im skeptical), I dont think i am encountering any friction issues whatsoever. how would i set my motors to 100% power, will pid increase the torque?

Dude, have you ever done vex? There are rules. They aren’t suggestions. If your robot has 9 motors it won’t pass inspection and won’t be able to compete in the completion.

If you need 2 motors for a ring a ring intake you have issues. My team is just fine with a 1 motor intake.

MOTORNAME.setVeloctiy(100, percent);



nice try at being a troll, you got 3 people

Interesting response. I would think that someone named @9MotorGang would approve of a post like this :slight_smile:


One day it will be legal my friend. One day…


this is my first year. thanks for the information

I think its an issue with the code

why not? i thought pid makes things more efficient

Dude, do not forget there is a way you can use unlimited motors. :slight_smile:

PID is a method that gives you more precise control over the motors. Using it won’t extend the limits of your motors’ power.


You can use 9 if it’s not for a tournament

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