Ripped Stars

ARGH! As we were setting up our field and assembling stars, we got a slight rip where the star goes through the central hole.

Anybody else had this experience? We were assembling VERY carefully (though apparently not carefully enough), yet one still got a small tear.

Does anybody know a proper sealant or glue that can be used sparingly to ensure the star is structurally sound?

Check out the attached file.

Thanks for the help.

Hot melt glue has been recommended elsewhere on the forum…use the “search” feature to find the thread(s).

The search feature might find the page you’re referring too, but only if 9409robotics would need to be very strict about what they search otherwise they could get a lot of results. Maybe you could take intiative and find this forum for our friend in need of assistance.

To make things simple.
^That confirms hotglue helps

I had the same problem. A little hot gule will bring it back to normal.#303

Would ripped stars that are glued back together be considered legal field elements?

Most likely not, bit they will still be useful for practice.#303

Alright, thanks.

Man if these things are ripped already this could spell bad things for game piece longevity. I hope they aren’t gonna be worse than the NBN balls.

I’m still waiting on the game objects… But from what I’ve heard they’ll be shredded after one match.

From what I have seen I think they will be about the same. (which is kinda bad)

On the field at worlds, an entire peg of the star got ripped off. I hope this isn’t another year where the game objects are faulty… It would be a lot better if they didn’t cost so much to buy! If one of them breaks and you have to glue it back together for practice, then to replace the one in your set for a competition field would be at least $80. If they break easily, then they should at least be cheaper IOM.

I don’t think Vex profits much, if at all, off their game objects. They can’t go much lower in price and still be a company. The cost is so high probably because of the funny mold shapes. I’d imagine making those wasn’t cheap. The shape is also what weakens it; the star gets really thin near the center.

Also while there are a lot of us, there aren’t enough purchases to bring down costs maybe.

We were lucky not to have any rip when we bought our mini-set of 7 stars and a cube. I think the key is how you’re supposed to assemble: Pull the tip through, don’t push! Pulling it makes it really easy and doesn’t require much force, meaning you’re not likely to tear the star.