Rise above max score

So I’m curious about the max score in Rise Above. The Vic hub app hasn’t updated for me, so i was trying to figure it out.

I saw a bunch of people saying 306 ish or so, but my count was 126

This is based on the definition of a Completed Stack.

Completed Stack - A Goal Status. A Completed Stack is when the Goal is part of a Completed Row and
has exactly three (3) Scored Risers. Each Goal can only count as one (1) Completed Stack.

To me, this means the best possible score should be 126:

27 from each riser, assuming all are scored
9 from completing 3 rows, one of each color
90 from having a completed stack in each color in a row.

I‘m assuming that the people who stated 300ish were assuming that a stack could be counted multiple times if it was part of multiple rows.

Somebody help me out here. What do you think the max score is?

Let’s say you have a completed row…

And in that row there are three stacks of three. (Interestingly, if you get 4 on a stack it will not be completed…)

I don’t see any reason why a completed row can’t be comprised of three completed stacks.

Let’s say the top row is 9 of one color, 3 stacks of 3,
the middle row is 9 of one color,
the bottom row is 9 of one color.

Base + Stacked = 27 * 1 = 27
Completed rows = 3 * 3 = 9
Completed stack = 9 * 30 = 270

Total = 27+9+270 = 306


The Hub App will give you 321 if you crank everything up, but it’s not possible with the pieces given. It is possible to get 8 rows, but only if you take the 9 of one color and only score those.

The Hub App is not meant to enforce the rules, they are there to help you score a match once it is done legally. It’s just there to help you add. READ THE RULES PEOPLE!


I just used the HUB APP and it says 321 total points

i think there is a typo in the manual.

the last one is a completed row, yet it saws non completed. Also, seems like the stack has to have uniform color to be a completed stack, according to the examples, yet the definition for a completed stack says nothing about it.

not sure who to tell or email about this

Ok, I was dumb. I was misreading and interpreted that a completed row could only get a score bonus from 1 completed stack.

This makes way more sense.


Since all the scored risers in that row are not the same color, the row is not completed.

The requirement that the goal must be part of a completed row implies that all the risers in the goal must be the same color.


So what is the correct answer to the total possible points?

The maximum possible score is 306 points, achieved by assembling 3 completed rows, each containing 3 completed stacks. Or in other words, for each color of riser, pick a horizontal or vertical row and put 3 risers of that color in each of the 3 goals in the row.

Each row of 3 goals containing 9 like-colored risers will be scored as follows:

  • 1 point for each of the 9 base or stacked risers (9 pts)
  • 3 points for the completed row
  • 30 points for each of the completed stacks (90 pts)

for a total of 102 points. Since there are 3 such rows, the total score will be 102*3 = 306.


Thanks, that clarifies it.

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