Rise Above - Robot Dimensions

Wanted to open this thread to make it clear…

VexIQ Rise Above has dimensions limits of 11" wide x 19" long x 15" high… “at the start”.

Does this mean that as soon as the buzzer sounds, these dimensions can be broken? For example, a lift arm does NOT have to be built to operate within the 15" hard deck, but can actually extend beyond this during game time, so long as it is below and within the other constraints at the start.

Thanks for the clarification.

I know this is the case for EDR, but I’m not sure for IQ.
In past years pre 2019, you need to be within 18"x18"x18", then you can expand any of those up to 36 inches, this year, however, there’s no expansion limit, last year there wasn’t one either, so wallbots reigned supreme. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

Rule G4 states “Once the match starts, expansion is unlimited”
Also @JustALonelyAstronaut don’t answer the question for EDR when the question was specifically asked for IQ, it doesn’t help to answer the question.


That’s rude. The question got answered, didn’t it?

No, it didn’t.


To reiterate, in VIQC Rise Above, there are no limits on robot size during the match - only the 11x19x15 volume at the beginning.

Thank you all for the input and timely responses. We are in our 2nd year (headed to the third) and we are constantly learning the intricacies of Grant and his team’s rules. This forum has always been helpful in providing clarity and direction.

I see lots of questions that I don’t know much about, but I simply don’t answer those questions. It avoids unnecessary posts and helps to make sure that when people do see an answer it is the correct one.

In general, when a question can be answered by the rules, I just like to paste the rule. You can reference it, like this:

But pasting the actual rule is more authoritative, and with the snipping tool it doesn’t take too long. I like to do this because I make less mistakes in that process. Rule G4 says…

I do like that they are going out of their way to answer these questions, as especially for VEX IQ we have lots of non-technical people reading the manual. They didn’t need to say that they can expand, but given the past rules they are alleviating a lot of confusion by adding it in.


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