Rise Above Scoring

Rise above scoring. If you score 3 risers in each scoring zone in a row of three (3 stacks of three in a row), what would the score be? Please explain the answer. Thank you!

As I understand the rules, this would be worth 93 points, 3 for the completed row, and 30 for each completed stack.

Almost - the 9 scored risers are worth 1 pt each by themselves, so the total score for this configuration would be 102 pts.

Build three of these rows, one of each color, and you get the maximum possible score of 306.

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Ah, forgot about the single point scores. Thanks for clarifying!

Would there be two other points for the two diagonal rows as well? That would make it 105. Is this right, or is the score maxed at 102? Example. Diagonal would be top left riser, middle middle riser, and bottom right riser. Would that be a diagonal row if you looked at the stacks vertically? If so, you could go the other diagonal direction making a visual x for another row of three…

If you follow this logic, you could have three horizontal rows as well. Think of floors of a building from left to right. You would have all of the lower risers as one row (1st floor), second floor would be a middle riser in all three stacks from left to right, and the 3rd floor as another row counting the top risers across. Would that count?

Rows all have to be of one color, don’t they? There are 27 risers, 9 of each color… you can only get one row of each. If you make 3 horizonatal rows, then the diagonals and the vertical rows are different colors and so ar enot completed rows

The scenario you describe would fail the condition I bolded, so the diagonals would not be Completed Rows.

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So does that mean that the only rows that can be counted are the horizontal rows that are touching the floor? Based on that definition above, if you visualize only the orange risers on the field and scored 3 high and all in a row, it seems like counting three rows across and two diagonal rows would count. Sorry folks. Not trying to be difficult. Just trying to understand. As we all know, how the game is scored makes a big difference on how you play the game. Appreciate the help.

I think the problem is that you’re thinking of rows as arrays of risers, when they’re actually arrays of goals:

Row - Three (3) Goals that make up a straight line. There are a total of eight (8) Rows.

For any Row of 3 Goals to be Completed, the Risers scored in the goals must all be the same color. If any goal has risers of multiple colors scored, then it’s not possible for any rows that contain that goal to be completed.

Key is to make sure your rows/columns only contain risers of one color. For max score, you can score across in 3 rows, or 3 vertical columns. But you can’t do diagonal.

This game is going to require lots of strategy and coordination between teams to figure out what they are going to go for and where they will build.


I likes it! :wink: I likes it a lot, to get to 20 characters.


I’m picking up what you’re putting down Wilkinson. I wonder the same, I think. Just looking at the top 3 goals, to simplify this question, ignoring the rest of the board and risers… each of the goals has the 3 stacked risers, 9 risers total, all orange. Each riser gets a point just for being scored, 9 total. The 3 completed stacks get 30 pts each. The base row gets an extra 3 points. But where does it state that it is ONLY the base risers that earn the extra 3. Why can’t the second level get another 3? and the 3rd level another 3. I wasn’t thinking so far as diagonal (in the same row made up of the same 3 goals). But sure, another 6pts for the 2 diagonals made up of the top riser/ left goal, center goal/mid-level riser, and base level right goal one way, top riser/right goal, center goal/middle riser (again), left goal/base riser. That would be (30x3) columns + (1x9) risers + (3x3) horiz. rows + (3x2) diag rows using 9 same colored risers stacked 3 high across 3 goals in a row. So, 342 for all 3 rows completed and color coordinated.

Let’s look at the definition of “Completed Row” again:

From this definition, it’s clear that it doesn’t matter how many risers are scored in each goal.

Again, I think the problem is that you’re thinking about “rows of risers” rather than “rows of goals”.

Each row of goals is either completed or not completed, adding more risers to a completed row won’t earn any more 3pt bonuses because the row was already completed.


I’m going to piggy back on this topic for a much simpler question on scoring…
After 1 minute, lets say all the team gets is one “triple stack” in one scoring back. No other scoring boxes have anything in them. Is this scored as 3 or as 33? Thanks in advance.


From what I understand, goal 1 has three risers of the same color in it, and all the other goals are empty. In this case, as can be seen in the game manual (pages 4-5), is worth three points because the definition of a completed stack and a completed row is:

Completed Stack - A Goal Status. A Completed Stack is when the Goal is part of a Completed Row and has exactly three (3) Scored Risers. Each Goal can only count as one (1) Completed Stack.

Completed Row – A Row Status. A Completed Row is when all three (3) Goals in the Row have at least one Scored Riser and all Scored Risers in the Row are of uniform color

This scenario does not meet that criteria, so therefore it is worth 3 points.

Please make sure to read the game manual, especially the rules that apply specifically to the current year’s game.


Sorry… I didn’t mean to offend. I didn’t have the book with me and when I did read through, for some reason, it didn’t click.

I will refrain from using this forum from here on out.


You didn’t offend anyone, and VEX in itself is a learning experience for everyone. I encourage you to continue using the forums, and ask questions. I was just saying that reading the game manual saves everyone’s time, and that it is a valuable resource. Again, we are not offended or upset with you, we are just giving out information to help you. Good luck in the Rise Above season!


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