Riser placement on the rim of goal

There are several reveal videos on YouTube showing people placing risers on the rim of the goals. But the goal setting instructions clearly shows that the risers are placed on the floor right outside of the goal area. Am I missing something here? Placing risers on the rim definitely make it a lot easier to push the riser into the goal.


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Can you please elaborate on this, I’m not sure which reveal videos you are referring to. Also, can you share the link with timestamp so we can see exactly what you’re talking about. Thanks!


Welcome to VEX forum! Like @Noah10851B said above, elaboration and specific reveal videos would be hugely helpful.

Per the game manual, the only one of the three setups that has risers on the lip of the goal is the Skills field. The highlighted risers are the risers that are up on the rim of the goal:

VEX IQ 2020-2021 Highlighting which risers are on the rim of goals Game manual
This section is taken from page 25 of the Game Manual, so please remember that the game manual is your friend and to read it. And yes, putting the risers up on the rim make it much easier to push them in the goals.


Sure. Here is one of the YouTube videos.


About 10 sec into the video, you can see the purple riser in the middle of the screen is sitting on the rim of the goal (instead of on the floor outside of the goal.


This is the correct setup as I pointed out in my post above. I have always set up the risers like this, and I suggest that everyone else does as well. I hope this helped, and if did not, please let us know.

Yes, my bad. I see them now. Certain risers are indeed sitting on the rim per manual. Should have paid closer attention. Thanks a bunch!


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