RM Studio - Getting Started with Mimic CAD


Robot Mesh Mimics give you a way to build a VEX EDR or VEX IQ robot using our Mimic CAD software. Build a robot using Mimic CAD, then program it using Blockly or Python, or for V5 only, C++. Your Mimic robot will move like it would in the real world. Follow along as we start to build our first VEX IQ Mimic using Robot Mesh Studio and Mimic CAD. (This example is VEX IQ, but EDR is the same, with different parts.)


How do you use the Mimic program in C++? Are there any blocks available for this?


It’s easy – when you create your project, select the C++ Mimic option. Here’s a sample project for you.


Thank you so much!


This is kinda like rvw except it’s free.


And you get to build your own robot in CAD.


This is great, we’ll have to play with it.

There’s no desktop download, right? It runs from the Robot Mesh Studio site?


RobotMesh Studio does have a desktop download actually.



I see, a Mimic Project is created from the ‘Create a New Project’ option not from ‘Create a New Local Project’ option.

That means it requires an Internet Connection to use mimic like the browser option, right?


Mimics can only be part of an online project. The desktop version of RM Studio was mostly created so teams can take their code along to a competition, where teams would rarely use mimics. A desktop version of Mimic CAD is on the roadmap, but not yet available.


That’s a good point, we’re typically not connected to the internet at tournaments but wouldn’t be using mimic at that time.

Very awesome tool, thank you for making it possible.