RMA Request

I have emailed the [email protected] email and they have not gotten back to me.

We need to send in one cortex and 4 VEXnet keys for repair. Can I please get permission to send them in? We need them back ASAP. We have a competition on the 7th of December.

Thank you guys!

Hi Jesse323Z,
I’m sorry no one has responded yet. I’ve pointed this thread out to our Tech Support folks, so they’ll be in touch soon.


I spoke with our support folks, they said that your email was received yesterday and they replied to it today. I’m sorry for the 1-day delay.

Please work with them direct via email. Let me know if for some reason you don’t get a response.


We have it sent and it should arrive Monday. I was told to work with Eli on the package.

Thanks guys!

Our shipment says “Delivered”. Would you be able to fix our Cortex and Keys and get them back before Saturday the 7th?


Hi Jesse323Z,
I spoke with Eli and he mentioned that your package hasn’t made it up from shipping yet. If it arrives today he should be able to turn it around quickly and have it to you before the weekend.

For details on a specific RMA – it is always fastest to work directly with Eli or other folks in the support department.

903.453.0802 or [email protected]


Thank you!

I emailed him earlier. UPS says it was delivered at 10:37AM (inside delivery) so it may be there now.

Thank you again!