RMA Status

Has anyone sent in a V5 Brain after obtaining an RMA number for it? We sent ours in weeks ago, and other than our UPS receipt of delivery to vex, have not received any indication of the RMA Status. Is there a way to get RMA status with out calling the main number, pressing 3 waiting in queue then get transftered to the one person who handles RMA’s only to get hung up on because the line is busy.

I have tried email multiple times, calling multiple times waiting in queues. I will point out that the IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)/ Auto-attendant system used by vex could use an upgrade as more than once I have been hung up on by the IVR when I reached the top of my queue. So after waiting in line and waiting while the queue dropped from my starting position (worst was 17) to my turn has not resulted in a good experience.

What I would like to see is a simple website status or an email with a status that indicated that the unit has been processed and when it is expected back. Either or both would do.

Good news, I was able to get through and the RMA is on its way.