RMS and Vision Sensor (IQ)

I haven’t got RMS to connect the Vision Sensor in the calibration screen. Connects in the Devices screen.

Also, what Windows 7 software might connect to it? When connected USB to laptop, white light on Sensor flashes once or twice. Drivers (Windows) downloaded.

And what is the red button for?

Seems I missed the instruction sheet that explains how to use it with IQ…

i haven’t got a vision sensor yet but i found this on github

hopefully this helps

Does the Configure Vision Sensor button not show in RMS at all?
The red button allows you to teach signatures without the tool but for accuracy, you need to get the tool working.

Let me know if the answer isn’t in here: http://docs.robotmesh.com/vex-iq-vision-sensor-guide-blockly. It has to be plugged into the computer, not just the robot. (Same for V5, too. Robots don’t send us video over their USB, so it has to be USB straight to the camera with current VEXos capabilities.)