RMS support for V5 Optical Sensor & V5 Distance Sensor support

Hi, will there be support for the new VEX V5 Optical Sensor & V5 Distance Sensor this season? I see RobotMesh selling the 2 sensors in their store but there is no support in the Robot Mesh Studio. Or I don’t see it, in which case apologies.

Also, is RobotMesh Studio maintained / supported / developed still? As a long term user I am observing less forum contributions from the RMS folks especially in topics that debate “best programming environment for VEX”. Now, the battle is mainly between Vex code and PROS, RMS is not even mentioned anymore. I even saw comments recently saying “nobody uses RMS in competition”. That is not true, teams I coach have been very successful with robots programmed with RMS.

Side question: will Mimic be fixed or this is your new vision of Mimic? It is impossible to build a robot with it lately, parts are falling, no idea how to put anything together anymore, everything is way oversimplified. I get it that it was never to be used as CAD or fancy 3D sim but it had so much potential and usefulness and now it is unusable. Can we at least get some basic models of robots to run simulations on (preferably with a 4 motor drive as option, not sure why everyone assumes people only use 2 motor drive bases…)

Sorry, not being negative, big RMS supporter here, but people are questioning…




Yes. We will be adding support for the new V5 sensors in an update later this month!


Great news! Thank you.

Ugh. FYI - I just posted about this then I saw this post so I have deleted mine (says it will be deleted).

We received the new sensors today. The kids were excited - then told me that they aren’t supported. :frowning:

I’;m surprised that you don’t have the support for them before we receive them.

Do we have a date yet? We are using RMS Python.

Curious … we are almost at the end of the month. Will there be support for these sensors soon? We have been waiting and need to start making some decisions.

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End of month came and left. Brings back this part of the original question:

Haven’t seen any posts from the most prolific RMS advocates: John Tyler and Rick Tyler. Are they gone and not involved in RMS anymore?

We’re just finishing final testing and will have these sensors supported with RMS V5 C++, Python and Blockly at some point early next week. Sorry for the delay with these.


Hello all.

Sorry for the wait. Optical sensor, distance sensor, rotation sensor and 3-wire expander support is now live on https://www.robotmesh.com/studio RMS Desktop and rmbuild have not yet been updated.

Cheers, Sam.


Thank you for getting this done.
We are noticing some discrepancies from the documentation (at least on the Python side, haven’t tested other languages):

  1. object_size returns 1 for none instead of 0 (supposed to be 0-none, 1-small, 2-medium,3-large; none and small are both 1, there is no 0)
  2. is_object_detected always returns True (we pointed sensor at the sky to make sure there are no objects in front of it when testing).
    As a workaround for the above, we detect ‘-1’ in object_raw_size which is undocumented but welcome (please don’t “fix” that one - lol - as then we will really not have anything to check if object detected/not).
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