RMS V5 Brain Screen Test

Is there a way to test the V5 Brain screen output in RMS C++? If possible, I would like to be able to test LCD programs without the robot on hand. It seems possible given the RMS holiday post the other day, but I’m not sure how.

Yes, by using a Mimic project type. Trying to write commands to the brain’s screen will pop up the emulated screen window. You can copy an existing project to a Mimic by selecting the appropriate Mimic project type (C++ to C++ Mimic, for example) while copying. From your project, click the options wheel at the top right, click copy project, then choose Vex V5 Mimic C++ Project from the drop down. To make a Mimic project from scratch, choose the VEX V5 Mimic as the Target when creating a new project.

Awesome, thank you. Are there any plans to add competition simulation to Mimic? I’d love to be able to test autonomous select code.

It’s on the list of things we could do, but last I heard it was not high on the priority list. That being said, you can still test selection code itself by clicking on the emulated screen and watching how your code reacts. You shouldn’t need to actually go into autonomous mode to see how the selection code is working (assuming you are setting a variable that autonomous then reads).

Thanks for the info. Yeah, that would be pretty easy to do.

@1320D_Programmer can you post the link for rms

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There you go