Road to VEX Worlds!

With the VEX competition season in full swing, we want to know how your season is progressing!

You and your team have the chance to be featured on our social media platforms as we countdown to #VEXworlds. If you are interested, please post a video or photo of your team and robot in this thread or email to “marketing ‘@’” and include your grade level, team number, team name, city, state, school or affiliation and any of your team’s social media channels. Keep an eye out for your team in our posts, which we will begin sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the week of February 27th.

Any current team has the chance to be featured, not just those that make it to Louisville!

Hello. I am Justin Sanderson, and I am currently in eleventh grade, I am part of the 2030B Shambots, we are located in Novi Michigan and we are from Detroit Catholic Central High School. Our social media name on Twitter is @ccroboticsteam, on Facebook we are CC Robotics, and on Instagram we are CC Robotics.

Our road to world’s started when I told my father who is currently stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina as an Army Ranger. My father said if I could make it to worlds, I would be able to see him before he is deployed for 6 months to Afghanistan. When I told my captain, Grant, what my father had said, Grant had a desire now to make it to worlds so I would be able to see my dad. My teammates also put in as much effort as they could when they heard the news, too. My teammates and I spent countless hours working as hard as we could to get to worlds and spent even weekends working on our bot and engineering notebook.

At the state competition we lost unfortunately in the semi-finals, so we knew we have to win either the design award or the excellence award. We did not do programming skills so we figured we were not going to receive excellence. When they announced the design award and it was not us, we were all heartbroken, but when they were announcing the execellence award winner slowly we heard our numbers and then our team name and we erupted with joy knowing I could now see my father.

Hello. My name is Ian Clavio, co-captain of Team 687A. My team won the Sportsmanship Award in the 2017 California States Championship in Bakersfield and qualify to the 2017 VEX Worlds Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. The last time a CAMS VEX Robotics team went to Worlds was in 2013 I believe. Now my team is leaving a legacy at CAMS, as Nerd Herd Team 687A will make its VEX Worlds appearance this season on VEX Robotics: Starstruck. As co-leader of 687A and Board of Director of CAMS VEX Robotics, I am very proud of my team for all the hard work and determination that they put in the robot, the presentation, and the challenges we faced.

Grade Level: 12th grade
Team Number: 687A
Team Name: Nerd Herd
City: Carson
State: California
School: California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS)

Here is a video about the team, the robot, and our season so far.

Nerd Herd Team 687A (Mid-season)

Finally this season our team has acquired 5 awards in total, we have won one judge’s award, 2 design awards, 1 tournament champion award, and one excellence award. It would mean the world to me if this story made it on the Vex Twitter. I am very thankful for what the Vex organization has done for me, my team, and my father.


My name is Remington Haingaertner. I am 17, the founder, and sole member of Nemesis Robotics (97166). I am from Fayetteville, AR. About a year ago I moved school districts to a school that did not have a Vex team. I started my own team, without help from any school district.

Before I had all the funding I had one teammate, my best friend. We were driving my moped one night, and were hit by a car. My best friend did not survive the accident. I had to have my foot amputated. I was told I was not going to be able to walk for 6 months or more. However I made a speedy recovery, and was able to walk in 3 months. I received funding after the accident, but only had one month to design, build, and program a robot.

Struggling with the loss of my best friend and my foot, I created a robot without any help. I went on to my fist competition, and lost in the finals. I was devastated. A day or two later I got an email saying I was able to go to state because of my programing skills.

I had two days to find the $100 entry fee. I made it to the state competition where I came in first place. Qualifying me for Worlds. I had one week to acquire the entry fee, and raised $1,550. I plan to do the best I can at Worlds, but only being a team of 1, it will be hard.

Please consider featuring me on Twitter. Thank you.

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Amazing story! You should follow the work of Prof Hugh Herr at MIT on intelligent bionic legs.

Really incredible story. I am sure you will be featured somewhere.