robo-prom for vex

Does anyone else think it would be epic to have a small dinner banquet or robo-prom at VEX Worlds like they have at FRC Worlds? to me, worlds is just as much about meeting new people, learning from teams, and making life long friends, than it is about competing for the world title, and something like the FRC Robo-prom would be so amazing and make that so much easier! its not like we dont have the time… we could always host it on the second floor of the convention center on the wednesday night of worlds. we finish at like 5 or 6 that day anyway.

This is just a post to see if lots of people like this idea. who knows, if this gets enough attention, maybe recf will look at actually making this a reality!

I believe that would be awesome Mabey have it wens day night not everyone could be there but Mabey.

Fun fact: the “Roboprom” at FIRST Worlds isn’t actually run by FIRST. It’s put together by efforts of an FRC team who decided to take the project on themselves. I think it would be very cool if members of the VEX community could put something like this together.

Hi Karthik,
Yes, i actually learned about that this morning! :smiley: Do you believe, in your OWN opinion, as you likely cant speak for all of VEX and RECF at this current time (but possibly at a later time), that RECF and VEX would be willing to ASSIST in helping an event like this get up and off its feet? I would like to see this come to life and feel that with the help of a few other teams we could have this at the 2015 vex worlds but would the RECF and VEX be interested in promoting and helping out with a possible VEX Robo-Prom if we can get one running? I will PM you at a later date if we get enough interest.

I think this would be an excellent idea! As heavy of a competition as Worlds is, it’s just like how the RECF says that being at Worlds is also a celebration for teams who worked hard and competed to make it there, and a Robo-Prom would definitely add more to the celebration part of it, and maybe even take the stress off of competing teams, and provide a fun way for people to meet and forge long-lasting friendships, as mentioned before.

I plan on getting some kind of team together to help run this event. im actually taking this rather seriously and would love to bring this to life at the 2014-15 worlds. if you would like to help with ideas or if you want to actually be involved in running the event, please contact me through facebook (search my email,
or email me at with the subject “roboprom”

I’m guessing VEX and RECF wouldn’t be able to help too much with something like this as they have their event partner gatherings and volunteer events on those nights.

Roboprom is not a small dinner banquet just FYI. The FRC team that runs it books a ballroom at the hotel they’re staying at and you have to purchase a ticket ahead of time or at the event (there are usually very few left at the event). They usually have a cap as you can only fit so many people without it being a safety hazard. And it gets pretty loud; I’ve been there when you could feel the floor literally bend and shake from all of the people dancing.

But anyway, it is definitely not an easy task to take on. It really would be like planning an actual dance.


Hi, yes i know. I just dont know how big we can go so i started by gauging interest on a dinner banquet or dance and we will go from there. I am looking into the rental of the ballrooms on the second floor of the convention center. they arnt TOO expensive. we would need at least 120-150 tickets sold at about 20 dollars each to make the money to run it. of course it wouldnt be a for-profit thing. Im more than willing to arrange a large portion of this, so long as a group of about 3 teams is willing to help in promotion and ideas.

I’d really recommend going on the ChiefDelphi forums and asking the teams that organize RoboProm ( I forget the specific teams) how they do it.

There used to be a version of this way back in the day during Elevation and Clean Sweep.

FRC Team 399, Eagle Robotics


yes, that does make sense… thats why sadly, we would probably cut it down to VRC teams only. there is a possibility that we could have VEX U as well. I also need to look into whether a dance (with pizza or something) would be good or if people would rather have a dinner and then a dance…

I’d possibly like to be on board to help plan this out. It seems like it would be worth the effort. Could you send me a PM on the forums with your ideas so far? I’d be glad to contribute if you’d like :slight_smile:

i agree that VRC teams should only be allowed or atleast an age cap like freshman and above. Not everyone would be intrested in going and like a max of 800 people. I think that was the max at FIRST.

I think a dinner then a dance would be a good idea since you’d probably want to meet lots of new people before the dance

This sounds Awesome! It is such a good idea

It’ll be a awesome idea, just make it not like a “formal” prom, and have people wear what they want, support there team and meet other people.

Absolutely awesome idea. Although I don’t dance, and probably some of us don’t…

Anyway, if skyrise world championship will include one, I positively absolutely must go. It is a great chance to meet life changing friends. I wonder if Karthik, Mr. Copioli and JVN will be there…

Alright everyone, if Karthik crashes the party, clear the dance floor, hes got some maaaaddd moves and when wrecking ball comes on, OH MAN you best hide yo swag cuz he’s got some hella nice moves! haha

This will be so much better than any school dances… TY Based God!

  1. What are you trying to say?
    2.Also project lead the way does a banquet and you might be able to work with them if you can contact them somehow.
  2. Could we bring robots our robot from sack attack could do a flip and wheelies and ir went to the school dance.