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I have had trouble with my robot earlier (here) and I have invented a new skyrise intake. I have built one drivebase, and have tried three lifts: reverse 4-bar, staged chain lift/elevator lift, and the scissor lift.
I’ve made a passive skyrise intake and can build three skyrise sections during autonomous. My programming skills challenge program is underway, but it will build both skyrises. with extra weight, my lift still tips to one side, but it never stays that way for long. pneumatics will probably be used, and programs will change, but I will continue to work on my robot until either the world ends or I go to worlds.

I will post pictures of my robot soon.

If this thread get enough people asking, then I may post hints about making a
super aut:cool:n:cool:m:cool:us

Good luck everybody!

What is the success rate of your 3 skyrise section scoring autonomous? Majority of the autonomous routines I have seen are barely able to score 1 skyrise piece and their preload in the 15 second period. And it usually isn’t successful.

Also, you can only build one skyrise tower in programming skills.

Unless you are planning to compete in the VEX-U division, (which you haven’t made clear) the you should probably pay attention to . This means you are not going to be allowed to use two autoloaders or more than 7 skyrise sections. It is slightly ambiguous as to if your programming skills challenge will obey this rule.

But it’s good to see more people are revealing their seasons progress!

We did that at a compatition once and the referee said that was amazing, but it won’t count because you built both sky rises.I was like :mad::eek::rolleyes:

Thanks for the notice!
Luckily, I haven’t gotten that far in my programming.

And now for today’s update:
My robot liked to run into the skyrise base. A LOT. It was funny at first, but then it got annoying, and so I trashed that part of my program and got new measurements. Now, it doesn’t crash (as much).
So, our next competition is this weekend, and I still need to finish my programming skills challenge (PSC) program. but, I still have tonight and tomorrow night to program (after that, I’m just practicing). I’m mentoring the Middle School team as well, and they are trying to get a skyrise claw for autonomous, but it won’t fit in the 18 x 18 x 18. I’ve told them to put it on the front, but they refuse to do it because they don’t want to remove the seventeen lock-nuts that they are using to hold it on. I also told them earlier to use hex-nuts until they are sure of their design, and then use lock-nuts after that part of the robot is done. And then they have to make an autonomous. AHHH!!!

That’s it for today,


For the past few days, I’ve been swamped with homework and projects, and wasn’t able to get much done. Hence the lack of daily updates. But, today was a snow day, so I got right to work, and so, here’s

Today’s Morning Update:

Robot Progress:
I completed my cube intake and extender for the intake around 9:00 am, and then added extra support to the base of my my scissor lift using the metal and aluminum 1x25 bars cut down to size. I’m currently working on my autonomous, which (hopefully) will be able to score one or two skyrise sections and a cube on the skyrise.

Stripped gears:
So, I have two of the biggest gears on my scissor lift, and because my original gearing was so loose, they stripped really badly. I noticed it after a match, and added a mound of rubber bands after using a flathead screwdriver to bend the stripped parts back into shape. That was two weeks ago, and in that time I’ve changed my gearing so that it’s solid, and added more rubber bands. Today, I looked at the gears and found that the stripped parts weren’t stripped any more! :eek: They certantly didn’t look new, but the gears looked like they had never been stripped at all.

That’s it for this morning,