Roboprom Interest Questionaire

Hey everybody,
As many of you are aware by this point, there is a committee of 8 Vex competitors from around North America who have been planning an event we’re calling Roboprom since shortly after Toss Up worlds ended. When Skyrise worlds was supposed to be in Anaheim as the only social event to be hosted for worlds competitors, we had a much better idea of logistics. Once Vex and RECF (both of whom are unaffiliated with our committee and event) announced that 2015 worlds would be held in Kentucky and that it would be concluded with a celebration at the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park, the Roboprom committee reached a fork in the road as to whether we would continue planning our event or if it had come time to call it quits.
I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we still want to run Roboprom, but some of us are unsure as to whether it will be possible to run successfully given that there is another social event to be held at worlds.
This is why we need your help as the Vex community. If you could have 1 representative of your team (not your club, your individual team) fill out the form linked below, we the committee could get a better idea of the interest for Roboprom given current circumstances.
Please note that Roboprom would be held on a night when there are no other regularly scheduled events (meaning that it would not conflict with Kentucky Kingdom, closing ceremonies, the PLTW dinner, etc.), it would cost anywhere between $5-$20 to enter (TBD), it would NOT be a formal event (so gentlemen, feel free but not obligated to whip out your tuxes), and dates would be basically non-existent (given the stark gender imbalance in Vex).
TLDR: roboprom or naw? click the link, complete the form, pls n thxu