Roborealm and WebCam Support

I recently downloaded Roborealm, a robotic programming software. Roborealm has many awesome features, including VEX support. A user can access an online type window to control motors and sensor ports. Some of the other features of Roborealm include joystick support, a GUI, speech control, and many other features. Using these other features would open up many more ways to control your robot then just the normal transmitter. For example, you could create a program that lets you drive your robot around with a USB joystick, or even with voice control!

This is where I need the forums help. The support for VEX in Roborealm is relatively old. I was wondering if someone with the new VEXnet upgrade could please download Roborealm and check to make sure the VEX support still works with VEXnet. I would just like to know this works before spending $240 (Roborealm software+VEXnet upgrade). Thank you so much if some one could do this for me.

Also, with the new ARM9 microcontroller there is supposedly going to be webcam support. This could be huge with Roborealm, since the majority of the Roborealm software is vision control and video analysis. A user could track color blobs, skin color, and even use the camera to autonomously navigate, all with a VEX robot!

Info about Roborealm:
Where you can download it (30 day free demo): [Download RoboRealm


-Ben](Download RoboRealm)

I’m looking at the rororealm software now, unfortunatly I don’t know that much about vexnet but I don’t believe that the keys work with a computer when used with the v0.5 microcontroller. The VexPro ARM9 controller looks like it will totally support webcam/vexnet to computer communication. In relation to using roborealm with the ARM9 processor+ webcam, there might not be that much of a point. The ARM9 is 20x faster (220mips), with 18,000x the amount of RAM (16Mb). This would make it very probable to do video processing on the controller itself.

If you have any luck with getting the Vex microcontroller to connect to roborealm let me know. It connects to my Lego Mindstorms but not the vex controller.

The VEXPro will have webcam support at the driver level as part of the first release. But the first release won’t have native image processing library support. I’m not sure if roborealm supports the V4L2 interface or not— if it does, adding support should be easy. I believe other libraries such as OpenCV support V4L2. We will add support for image processing in subsequent releases. If anyone has other suggestions of libraries (RoboRealm has been noted), please yell.


I kinda new, I’m assuming that the native means on board and I’m not sure what the driver level is. Also what is the V4L2 interface