Robosource Order Pickup at VEX Worlds

As in previous years, is again offering the option to pick up your order for free at VEX Worlds 2018! Whether you are an international team looking to save shipping costs, or just need some last minute parts before your first match, this is a helpful option.

Here are the details for how to place an order for free VEX Worlds pickup:

  1. Add products to your shopping cart and check out as you normally would on
  2. When selecting your shipping method during checkout, choose “VEX Worlds Order Pickup”
  3. After placing an order, we will contact you by email with the details on how to pick up your order at VEX Worlds.

In order to qualify for free pickup, your order must be placed before April 24 at noon EST. Please note that Robosource will not be selling any products at VEX Worlds, so be sure to place your order in advance.

Robosource is also offering Robox Bags, an excellent robot transportation solution. Order a Robox Bag with free pickup at worlds and travel home with your new bag.

**While we make every attempt to maintain a sufficient quantity of each product on hand, free pickup is conditional on in-stock availability.

Ok that Robox bag is freakin awesome. Ima show it to my coach.

sets you back quite a bit of money though

yeah I noticed, but not as much as a Pelican tho…?
If we send two bots to Worlds next year, I’m thinking this’ll be a better option

The pelican case is about the same price, and if lucky, cheaper then the Robox Case (Sources After Searching):
Pelican Source 1:
Pelican Source 2: