Robot battery keeps disconnecting

We’ve been driving for a little while, and we noticed our Cortex would disconnect. We looked into it and found out that the battery was the issue. Whenever we moved the cord around in the Cortex port, it would disconnect for a split second. Do you guys have any idea on how to fix it? We’ve switched batteries, and they aren’t the problem.

This is a common problem with cortex where the port the battery plugs into gets loose and any movement cause a disconnect. If you have the ability to do so switching to a new cortex will solve it but if that is not an option then you can use something like a single link of chain to shove into the battery port right next to the battery wire to make it a tighter fit so the little wiggle won’t cause a disconnect.

Have a 9v backup battery connected.

We also have a cortex like that so we solved that by wrapping the whole battery connector in electrical tape this ensures a tighter fit and reduces the chance of disconnection.