Robot brain freezing

During autonomous coding, our brain keeps freezing and making the code glitch out. We are using a competition switch, and during competitions, our brain never freezes. Anyone know what’s wrong?

I have heard switching battery cables helps that issue.

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Are you using the inertial sensor or any other sensor that might take over 2 seconds to initialize? If key components don’t initialize correctly it may cause the brain to freeze. Try waiting a few seconds after starting the program then run autonomous.

I’m not using any sensors other then encoders because the encoders built into the v5 motors are terrible

They’re perfectly fine if your wheels don’t slip.

As for your original problem, it is 99.99% a problem in your code or in differences in how you are starting autonomous with one system versus the other. The only difference to the robot whether it’s connected to a field control tower or a competition switch is a single variable in VEXos, which isn’t used by any competition template.

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