Robot Brain/Motor Malfunction

Recently, our robot has been stopping what it’s doing then moving in constant circles. This has happened several times so far, and we have already tried a firmware update. It’s not the battery’s fault, as we have changed it and the issue still exists. We use a tel-op program to drive. This issue doesn’t happen regularly, and it happens at unpredictable intervals. The error message states that we have a 12C error on motor ports 4-6 and that we need to reconnect the motor. Please respond as soon as possible.

We have a similar problem, but without the 12c errors. If you are using variables, put a small delay (.05 second or so) after them to allow time for them to ‘set’.
It happens at different parts of the code. It also ‘moves around’ depending on which battery we are using.

If you are using any timer commands, issue a ‘reset timer’ when you can to allow it to reset back to zero. There is a confirmed bug in the counter/timer part of vexos.

You might need to ignore my prior comment. We are still working on our problem with unreliable variables.

Yup. Ignore my comment. What we found was that broadcasts don’t always work (but sometime they do) if the motors are currently busy doing a command already.