Robot Brain Update Utility is Giving An Error

Hey Vex Community. This is my first ever post and I had a problem that i feel is rather urgent. One of our teams brains is showing the 4 icons the trashcan, restart, sd card, and question mark, saying table formatted incorectly. We have no idea what happened, but that it isnt working. We started off by trying to fix it by uploading a program to it, then moved on to VEX V5 Utility firmware, and that just kept saying that there was an error, something about a usb port. What should we do next as replacing it isnt an option. Thanks In Advance

Is that what it says exactly? This seems to be a similar situation with different wording.

Yes, we have that problem, but when we go to update it, it doesnt show a dialog, and shows that it is on the most recent software.

OK, in your position I’d contact my local tech support.

Thanks a lot for all of your help. I will contact them.