Robot Brakes

I am in the process of building a robot that runs on many drive motors and coasts with a ratchet system prevent the spinning wheels puting power back into the motors. The problem im runing into is trying to figure out how to stop it with some braking system that isnt hamfull. I was thinking a padded plate pushing onto a spinning tire?

Noooooo please dont do that, dk sompthing like this

To expand on @9065_parker’s extremely concise post, a brake like the one you described will merely prevent your wheels from spinning. However, at high speeds your bot will continue to skid along the ground regardless of wheel rotation. If you have a ratchet mech for slowing down, I very much doubt this would be sufficient for your speeds.

However, a brake such as the one in the video will not only prevent your wheels from touching the ground (and thus pushing you further), but it will also introduce significant friction between your bot and the ground, resulting in a much more effective stop.

Thats a good idea, much better than mine but im planing on going speeds no vex robot should ever go (15+ mph) Im not sure how well it would hold up.

At 15+ mph speeds, you won’t even notice a brake pad, I don’t think.

The brake shown in the video is pneumatic. You’d probably bend the cylinder if you were to do exactly the same. You’d want to build something a bit sturdier, and motor based, but the concept should work.

Doesn’t have to be motor based but that’s probably safer.

You could probably go with sompthing like a ski, so it doesnt suddenly grip the ground but slides to a halt, do you know what surface you’ll be using?

Pneumatics are expensive. Motors are $15.

Yep, we just already have pneumatics. I wouldn’t go out and buy them for this.