Robot build/strategy speech by Karthic?

Was there a companion speech on Youtube that complimented Karthic’s slide presentation? I thought there was a video of a speech or maybe him just giving advice??

Can anyone point me to the video if there is a good video?

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Thank you!

Four key legs in any successful competitive team

  • Hardware (the robot)
  • Software (the code)
  • Driver skill (the roboteer)
  • Strategy - how all three work together to play the game.

But you MUST do the strategy part first!!! Building a robot to play the best strategy is what winners do. Others build a robot and go “Ok, now what”.

Karthik is the master of strategy, take the time to watch these. Yes, it’s FRC, but the lesson works in lots of places.

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There are actually 5. The fifth is to be participating in a good competition. VEX no longer qualifies.

Please don’t derail this thread. We’re here to talk about Karthik’s perspective on competition. There are tons of places for you to express your opinion on how “good” VEX is as a competition, but this thread is not one of them.

Lol @ all the salt


Not sure if i should be laughing at this or be sad about it.

I really do think this is relevant. With the BO1, the focus is shifting away from true competition (where the goal is to determine the best robot) to a greater focus of the GDC on making it easier for new teams to start. But BO1 is universally hated, new and old teams alike.

Competitions like VEX are, well, competitions, and I really don’t think that the GDC should try to disregard the competitive spirit that we participants all have.

lol this thread is supposed to be about effective strategies and techniques to succeed in a comp, not another thread to hate BO1 on. (not saying that I like bo1, just that there are plenty of threads devoted to the hating of it elsewhere)

@bobthebuilder2 posts solely on how much (assumedly) he hates bo1. Derailling useful threads like this one is just stupid. The GDC isn’t going to be making any changes anytime soon. I know there were instances where bo1 was catastrophic (like the 127x incident at worlds) but wasting time to solely complain about the change is useless. I think there many other forum users like me who would prefer if we could talk about making better bots instead of talking about rules to no avail.

If you’re looking for more of my thoughts on competition, you can find more here:

It basically serves as the preamble for the strategy seminars linked above by Tabor.


This isn’t exactly by Karthik but this may be one of the best videos I have found just recently while trying to look for things. Although the title I don’t know if I should agree or disagree with, basically speaking what I’d like to give is don’t look at the goal that you want to be in VEX and stop rushing to get a robot done. Focus on making sure you have quality and ensure that everything is consistent first and you would generally and most probably get to the passion much faster and better than trying to rush. This most probably would be really beneficial to follow especially with this BO1 update so I will be adapting to this change following such motive.

@bobthebuilder2 – We get you don’t like B01.

The people that run the RECF are pretty much engineers. They run on stats and numbers, not on feelings. So you need to put arguments around those. Flame statements don’t play well, they reduce your street cred and limit later on about your opinions. RECF is making an adjustment to try to make the game play better.

On the current topic, you can use strategy to help your B01. Strategy is two key points. 1) What robot to build and how to play it. 2) How do we change our strategy in this match to win. RECF has swung the team skills away from builders/programmers/drivers to include strategy as a key component. Sports has always had a strategy component (Hey Philly flea-flicker anyone"). Now I see pulling roboteers off the tables waiting between matches and now out scouting matches. FRC teams have created complex scouting applications, and I’m predicting teams spending 1/2 their time coding the robot and 1/2 coding scouting applications.

I’m looking forward to more teams exchanging information about the other alliances at every match to boost their chances into alliance selections. I don’t see AI running on the robot, but I do see AI running on the scouting teams.

@bobthebuilder2 - don’t make a rule change a way to concede defeat, use it as a weapon against others to win.

@Karthik – Thanks for your post on your earlier work. Is there a chance we can get a talk presented targeted for VEX. (In my world, the one for VEXIQ on strategy on how to pair with teams would be an interesting nuance.)

This makes me wish we could have a day of conferences at Worlds like they do at FIRST Worlds.

That Wednesday for VRC I’d love to go watch other people present on topics.

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Think it will be great to have something like that for worlds.
And maybe certain sessions that will be geared towards students and some for the teachers/mentors/coaches.

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That is a FANTASTIC idea. I have a girls middle school team and we made it in time for the Girl Powered session, but more sessions like this would be great. Success stories of teams, how to start a new team, how to grow teams, technical sessions on advanced topics, I’m guessing they would fill up quick.

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They could also stream the events of the conferences because I’m certain teams would love to see those contents.

I agree. The conferences would be especially helpful for new teams.

Conferences are not always bad. However, they have a tendency to be a bit on the boring side. Karthik’s is not boring at all imo. If vex wants to do this, they need to make sure the conferences are interesting and hosted by entertaining people.