Robot Build Time?

wht is the longest its ever taken you to build a vex bot mine ussualy only take a day but the one im working on right now is going to take some time because im trying to figur out how to get some money to buy more parts :frowning: but so far its only been three days but i havent been working on it for the last couple days because of parts my bot is going to try and do the stuff in the comp yet i dont have a team im just doing this for fun my bot can only hang from the bar so far:D

We spent about 2 weeks of work days designing and building these two robots (1 week each):

Those were two of the most challenging robots I’ve ever had to do. We needed to be sure they were reliable enough to work consistently without any significant user maintenance.

If I had to build them today, I’m sure I could do it in much less time; but back then, it was a real challenge!

maybe 3 days as my longest

I bought my First Vex Kit in Early AUG-2006. I have built the Square Bot, and a Super Sized one I call the Super Square Bot (With One Starter Kit and a Hardware Kit), and now I have a Second Starter Kit, and I am adding an Arm to the Super Square Bot. It has been 3 Months, and I still am not done with my Second Bot, but I do have a Day Job… So, sometime Work comes first… Also I have been trying to help out others here by duplicating their projects…

to build cambot about one day of thought and one day of building

the most time it took me build a robot was wen i was builing a ping pong ball shooter it took me about 2 days

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if you need help with your robot

do you have any pics of it

Sadly, not yet…
Long story, but my Digital Camera is Pre 2000 (low res, no focus).
My DV Camcorder needs a Mem Card to take Pictures and I don’t have one yet, (but at least it focuses and has Sharp Pictures), AND, One of the “Children”, messed up the IEEE1394 (Firewire port) so I can not Download Video to the Computer any more. Literally the Tiny Little Connectors in the IEEE1394 port have been “ripped out”…

I will get some pictures up soon.

Probably about a week and 1 half (it was a combo of my 180* moving turret and my 2005 FRC robot recreation) There were a BUNCH of problems puting the 2 togather. As space, power, and other aspects weren’t a problem when they were seperate…

o my little brother broke our digital camera and we havent got a new one yet :mad:

It took me about a few months to build my last robot. I am in college and have a lot of other things going on like FLL meetings, FVC meetings and a lot of HW. So i didn’t get to work on it every day like i would of wanted but it turned out alright. I would say i got 3rd place at the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Vex event this past weekend. I probably would have been in 1st or 2nd if i didn’t lose my left side drives during my second match. I also changed my whole drive base in the last 1/2 hour before we started to compete.

It had:
2 motor 4WD- chain drive, omni in front, small wheels in rear.
1 track to raise balls from ground, 1 track on a pivoting arm to raise balls from 12" to 15". al within the constriants of a 12" cube.

I’ll try to get a picture up sometime for here and chiefdelphi.