Robot C graphical keep crashing when trying to open a program

we had a file created two weeks ago and whenever we try to open the file on multiple computers it causes robot c graphical to crash… is there anyway to rescue this file?

Can you post the file, here?

I have seen this when using “User defined configuration” in the device setup - somehow I managed to create a circular dependency where my external definition file ended up pointing to itself.
Fix for me was to delete the external robot definition file.

Either way, .rgb file is pretty much a XML-like structure, easy to inspect or fix using any text editor. It also contains easy-to-read equivalent text-C source code, so at worst, you could easily reconstruct the original graphical program. As long as your file is not corrupted altogether.

Thanks nenik… I used notepad++ and deleted both of the #pragma <robotconfiguration> and <Csource> and then it opened and we did motor sensor setup again and it all worked out… Thanks for the tip… James