Robot C teleop speed

I am writing a simple teleop code in Robot C Graphical. I am using tank control. The robot is moving slower when we use the teleop mode. Is there a simple way to increase the speed using the tank mode.

Can you post your code?

Are you changing the joystick scale?

This is what they have so far. They want to increase the driving speed and the arm is jerky even with the speed reduced to 50


I don’t know what it means to increase the joystick scale they have it at 1 I think.

The problem is is that it keeps going through the arm control. You need to have a wait in the if do that doesn’t return to the rest of the code until they’re done moving. Make the program wait until the button is released.

Where do I need the wait after the tank control or arm control or in the if statements? Thank you!

After you set multiple motors make it wait until the button isnt pressed anymore. So you’re going to wait until the button equals 0

@mseward The issue that you have is that the two sets of commands are fighting against each other. In graphical, the only way I can think to achieve what you want is to nest a whole load of If/Else statements like the attached, There must be an easier way, but I can’t think what it is!
Anyway, the attached will get you out of a hole.