Robot can touch scored objects

Looking over the rules, the robot can contact the scored objects. So a robot could pick up a cube, load 5 balls on top of it, and touch the green tower with it while holding it to get the 20+10 = 30 points.

This will be probably be fixed, but surprised it isn’t there as it’s always there…

That surprised me as well. I do expect an update to that rule in the upcoming update in June. It is a big change so I hope they do it soon as soon as possible. Thank you for pointing this out.

Thought under the definition of “Scored” , it is clearly mentioned the cube must not be touched by robot of the same alliance colour as the goal?

Scored in a Goal Zone at the end of a Match if it is not contacting a Robot of the same Alliance color as the Goal Zone, and meets the criteria of being either a Base Cube or a Stacked Cube

@meng This is for the IQ game which also happens to have cubes as game objects.

Scored - A Game Object is Scored if it satisfies one of the following conditions, and is not touching a Robot.

  1. A Cube is Scored on a Platform if it meets the following criteria. The Cube is contacting the Platform (including its supporting structures).b. The Cube is not contacting the Floor.c. The Cube is not contacting the Field Perimeter.d. The Cube matches the color of the Platform (i.e. is a green Cube).

@sankeydd In the game manual, under the definition of scored it stipulates that an initial condition for anything to be considered scored is that it is not contacting the robot. If a robot were to hold a cube against the tower, they would not get the 20 points from scoring the cube on a tower.


I missed that, thank you. In the past it was always the last condition given, not the first. Guess I’m a creature of habit and skimmed over it. It’s probably better wording



Sigh… I need to setup my filters…


Thanks, I had missed that, too, and had thought they could be touching the scored object at the end of the match

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I also missed that. Like @sankeydd stated, it is usually at the end so I skipped that part. Thank you @Mystical_Pie for catching my mistake.

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