Robot Carnage!

We were scrimmaging our A team (a six bar lift), and we tipped them backward. It’s a great strategy, since they can’t right themselves from that, but there were more problems. They designed their robot so that when they fell backwards the entire weight of the robot landed on the Vexnet Key. This caused a lot of cringing. Hopefully it’ll never happen again.

Feel free to post your own robot carnage pictures!

Does it still work? Early in the season I dropped my controller and broke part of the back of the key off. The key still worked, so we taped the back on and have been using it since.

It still works, but they ended up replacing it because they don’t want to risk it breaking during our battle.

Well… I was practicing, and my lift kind of, well, broke my VEXnet key. Luckily it still works

lol, we bent our key also, not sure how it happened, but, yeah. It looks like the first pic that LHS team posted

Yeah I’ve done that before too. I was working on auton and the cortex got stuck under the fence. When I pulled the robot out. the key bent and I had to bend it back

Today we were scrimmaging our A team again and we hooked our claw on their light strip wires, and we ended up hanging on the fence in autonomous. Didn’t catch it on video, but got pictures right after it happened.


Nice! 12 points accidentally! Sarcasm I’m so curious about how it got up there after hooking on their wires. Sad you didn’t get on tape. :frowning: Pretty cool anyways!!

Well we were planning on high hanging for state but never got around to it, so the robot is built for strength. However we have no idea how we didn’t rip the wires out. It did damage to their light strips though, half of them are only red while the other half are flashing blue and red like normal. Other than that We wonder if we’d get DQ’d or not in a real match.

Yeah I’m surprised by those wires that didn’t break apart. About the DQ, I think that as long as it was nobody’s intention to do that, you won’t get DQ. I mean, accidents happens. Also, I’m not sure if this is match-affecting.

Our B team built a pushbot centered around autonomous hanging. I don’t recall whether this was autonomous or not, but this happened. It wasn’t a hang.

Their hang mechanism tore off their robot?

Yep. They had a match soon after, too.

I believe that it was just that the standoff at the top wasn’t tightened, so the screw came out. Then the entire weight of the robot rested on the lone support at the bottom.

@jwwood13 100% guaranteed high hang.