Robot Carrying Case?

Hello Everyone,
So since my robotics team qualified 4 teams this season (3 high school and 1 middle school team) we need a way to carry our robots to worlds. We have two crates that we have from previous years where we qualified 2 teams, but now we need a way to carry another two to worlds. What I’ve seen on the forum is people recommending the Pelicans 0340 and 0350. We’ve also seen a product called Robox Bags. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Robox bag and would recommend it, or if anyone knows whether the pelican or Robox bag is the best choice for carrying robots.
Also with the pelican 0340 I saw that apparently the inside isn’t exactly 18x18x18, and that the pelican 0350 is too big for airplane check in. Does any one have any experience with either of these? (We plan on flying Southwest Airlines from Denver)

TLDR: Whats the best: Pelican 0350, Pelican 0340, or Robox Bag?

Probably too late to reply but im just going to build my own out of wood.

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The carrying cases we use are from Home Depot. They’re basically called Huskey and it’s great for carrying boxes of screws, robots, and maybe metal. That’s basically my opinion, but if you’re gonna use them, don’t make it too heavy. I have a picture below of what it looks like. Please don’t mind the mess in the picture. Hope this helps!

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Hey guys,
Thanks for the replies, but we already made our decision a long time ago. In case anyone is wondering, we ended up buying two Pelican 0350’s. Southwest Airlines gave us no issue with checking them in and they survived the flights to and from World’s completely fine. I totally recommend them! They provide a lot of protection for robots. Make sure you get a set of the wheels though, they make moving them so much easier.

Hey, our school uses the came kind. I’ve heard/seed great things from them.

What about them being so expensive? Cheapest one i can find is $280. We just dont have that kind of budget.

I have shipped robots in everything from a big card board box, to a plywood box, to a pelican case. I just suggest taking the weight of the robot off the drive wheels

For us, two of our boxes are Pelicans, but our other two are wooden crates made by our coach. I don’t believe they cost much to make, and I would look into making your own wooden crate.

Definitely either a wood crate or you could also build one out of versatube/similar product. That would be very easy to build and would be extremely durable and easy to transport. The versatube would also make it very easy to change dimensions on it quickly depending on the season as well as mount add ons like battery holders, etc.