Robot case for sale?

Are any teams willing to sell one of these robot cases?

These cost around $400 a piece and we’re curious if any teams have used cases they no longer need. We 3141 teams are looking to find another case for the upcoming season to carry robots to tournaments and such.

The model shown is the Pelican 0350, but a similar hard case is fine too.

PM if interested, or if there’s a better place to search for these, please let us know.


The robosource crates, while probably less protective, are half the price of the pelicans:

They won’t ship until later this month, though.

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I used a robosource crate to ship my robot to worlds, and to protect it from impacting against the inside walls of the crate, I used standoffs on the underside of the drive channels to bolt the robot itself to the floor of the crate. So the robot was completely affixed to the crate. This seemed to work well, didn’t notice any damage to the robot, and I’ve seen and heard a lot of horror stories about robots put in these crates with very little packaging or support.

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Search eBay periodically, that’s how we got the 2 for our teams. I see one right now for $200. “Pelican 0350”, try variations in your search, who knows how they were listed! Used ones will probably come with no wheels (~$60 for the set) other than that these things are indestructible and the few dents/scratches give them character.