Robot Categories

I have been making a list of robot designs that seem very popular to use. I was wondering if this list is an accurate prediction of the robots that will be made for competition.

  1. Double four bar bots, six bar, etc., who stack on both goals and dont do twenty point zone. To move goals, they trap them in a claw or loader instead of lifting.
  2. linear lifts, which lift the goals and cones into the 20 point zone as well as the other zones and usually stay away from the stationary goals.
  3. Scissor lifts, which do both types of goals and lift mobile goals, but cant usually do 20 point zone
  4. Loader bots, which are basically bots who carry around goals and use a swing bar or other mechanism to load cones onto mentioned goal

There are lots of subcategories, and this is not at all saying that if you make a double four bar you cant do the 20 point zone, or that all linear lift bots cant do the stationary goals.

(This discussion is not meant to be an list of lifts or strategies, but predictions for what will be used during competition.)
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Think it is just way too early to make a list.

I agree, this list is not supposed to be a short term list, and should be complete as time passes. For now, it is just our best guesses.

Why can’t the DR4B put bases in the 20 point zone?

Like I said, you can easily make one that can. Basically, most dr4b lifts have claws that cant lift goals, and you would need to lift goals to put them in the 20 point zone. I suppose that you could make a new claw for goals without much trouble, or even a new mechanism. Other lifts usually have the opportunity of much more complex intakes, such as the large platform for mechanisms on the scissor.

I agree with @meng , it’s way too early to do this.
A version of this would be reasonably useful later in the season once the meta-game has had time to develop. However you could probably get rid parts which refer to specific mechanisms, as many different teams could and will have different ways of doing the same thing just as well. Refering like that will just create confusion IMO.

We still need time for the meta-game to develop. We can design and theorize all we want with lifts and intakes, but without actual match footage we’re really just doing predictive design work.