Robot Challenge

I now challenge anyone who wants to participate to create a robot that can:

a. dust floors
b. has a programmed code
c. can go under couches to get dust
d. must be made with ALL vex components (except the dust mop)

If you will notice my avatar is the picture of Dust-Bot

Recently a new roomba robot called the “create” was released. It has over 30 sensors including IR sensors and pressure sensitive plates. Has a cargo bay for whatever invention you have built and programs can be downloaded via usb port. Its not a vacuum but its cool.

I understand that , but I am challenging anyone who would like to, to participate in building a better Dust-Bot than me.:o

It has already been done why try to improve what is already the best go buy a roomba and use vex for something productive.

All that I am trying to do is start a compitition for VEX fans to build another ROOMBA type robot.:confused:

ok ill try it. When are the deadlines??
Edit: Who needs deadlines when it only takes 2 hours 2 make a swiferbot

ok finished go here for the pictures


i just swifered the my whole house with the swiferbot. (piece of cake)

The Deadline Is

April 5, 2007

well odviously i finished good right??

Stonebot as created an incredibly efficent robot for this task looks good and simple. Less moving parts means less possible things to go wrong.

thanks, but it only took like 30 minutes. (including disassembling the previous robot.)

Here’s mine.
It has a arm that can go up and down (more moving parts) but it can be used for other things.:o