Robot Changes After Check-In

VexIQ Squared Away:
My team wants to do an Omni-Drive for Driver Challenge. However, omni wheels have given us issue come Autonomous Challenge.

Can they check-in with an Omni-Drive, and then when they go to Autonomous they swap out the drive omni-wheels for rubber and completely take out the strafe omni-wheel in the center of the bot? (Gotta take the strafe wheel out because omni wheels are larger diameter than rubber wheels)

Nothing else on the bot changes.

Is this an acceptable modification post check-in?

This may become an issue at our state qualifier, so I would like an official ruling on this.

Thanks for the help!!!

Have you checked the tower takeover game manual? if not, i would do so. if it doesn’t say anything about that in there, i would ask the refs when you get there. if you can’t do that, go with what you know will work on the auton.

i should say if you don’t want to do that.

This isn’t the place for official rulings on game rules, the place for that is the official q&a, where I see you have also posted this question. So my analysis below is entirely unofficial.

The relevant rules here are <R1> and <R2>:

This question gets asked with some regularity, usually usually about swapping between multiple “subsystem 3”s during a competition. In that case, it’s totally fine provided the robot is inspected in all configurations at the beginning of the day.

However, swapping between different drive types is not a swap of subsystem 3, and might be considered a “complete swap of subsystem 1”, in which case that would not be allowed. So I would definitely clear this with your head ref, and abide by their ruling until your Q&A submission gets an official answer.