Robot Changes for Skills

My team and I were planning a lot for skills this year but after today winning skills champion we had a new Idea. I was wondering the legality of major robot changes just for our skills runs. Today we won with just a mobile goal lift, we were thinking that we could take off our lift (for cones) and replace it with a second mobile goal lift just for skills. We were wondering if it is legal to do that?

It is legal - you can change out subsystems.

you have to be reinspected, though, right?

yup. Any major changes re-inspect.

I believe it’s not a re-inspection but when you initially go through inspection you have to get the second subsystem inspected as well

Both applies. You should initially inspect all the configurations, but if you change further, reinspect.

Hey, I also want to remove a part of my robot for skills, can anyone show me a direct reference from the rulebook itself in case someone tries to DQ me for it.

In the Game Manual you will find the rules for Robot where it defines the subsystems.

More specifically, R1 and R2b, but seriously, go read the fine game manual…

Here is the official GDC ruling:

Having done inspection at many events, sometimes I would want to see the new configuration, sometimes not.

Ex1: Team has a chainbar lift like OSIZR and wants to remove it for skills. I would not need to see second configuration and would approve both at inspection based on discussion with the team.

Ex2: Team has two different intakes for cones, one active the other passive, and wants to change based on need to stack on the stationary goal depending on their partner. I would want to see both configuartions to ensure both fit in size.

Bottom line: Be prepared to show both at inspection. Be prepared to stand in inspection line twice if it takes any time at all to change. Talk to the inspector. A simple removal of a subsystem often does not require two inspections, a change in a subsystem almost always will.

This is only true for subsystem 3. If you change out subsystem 1 or 2, you have a new robot and cannot use it at the same tournament.