Robot code not uploading

I’m using VEXCode Pro/Text.

Previous Code-


New Code-

Brain.Screen.printAt(1,15,"Different Words");

When I upload the new code it says it downloads but the program on the brain doesn’t change. This problem also applies to everything else in the program.

Make sure you are running the program in the correct slot, we’ve downloaded new code into the second program slot before and still been using the code in the first slot.

That’s not the problem. I waited for almost an hour then the program is finally updated but once I made another change it wouldn’t update again.

Well, there’s the standard:
Make sure your firmware is updated
Make sure you only have one window communicating with the brain
Check your USB cable
Check your USB port on your computer
Check with a different computer

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It’s not the USB cable, I’m updated, and there’s only one window communicating with the brain.
It appears to be something to do with the vex program itself. Since I can upload to a new program slot but it keeps the prev set of code. The weird part is that it has saved the program but sends the wrong version over.

Another weird issue is that when looking through the files I can’t I find the program.
Edit: To fix this Save As the file and then run that program.


Another solution to this is to use a different editing program. VexCode is known to be a little buggy sometimes. Something like Pros or VScode might work a little better :slight_smile:

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