Robot Concept - Team 81K

I believe that if this robot does appear on the court, there will be a dispute.

However, if the robot drops the cage and the rope breaks, the robot commits a foul because it drops a large piece

No, as long as the rope started as attached it’s fine because it obviously wasn’t intentional


there shouldn’t be, this robot is within the rules of the game.

braiden nylon string isn’t likely to break, so this isn’t really an issue.


Well General 13536G, there aren’t really “ethics” rules around the kind of robot you build, as long as it doesn’t break the saftey rules.

Oh fine I know that thanks

Could wallbots be more civilized if they also dance :slight_smile: ?

Traditionally, wallbots, cagebots, and capbots had been acceptable in VRC, and were even encouraged during some seasons to challenge students to think outside of the box of the common meta design.
In Defense of Wallbots - Rebuttal to VortexCast's Treatment of Wallbots

224X Wallbot States Reveal

It is actually not an easy task to build a successful wallbot that could consistently win.

I believe, GDC will assess this, in respect to the OP strategy, and will only allow it if they think it is going to be very challenging to do, and only a few teams could realistically pull it off.


You can always have rubber bands to do the work for you, just make the cage fold in as you release it

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Awww… please remember our T-shape wallbot for skyrise!

it didnt performed as planned… but i knew it entertained @tabor473 when it was trying to practice “spearing” the cubes at the practice field. lol…

But in the end, the seeded teams were not convinced that a wallbot will be useful, and it was not selected.
i still believe that the wallbot design was actually very feasible for skyrise.


I think wallbots made intellectual sense in skyrise even if all the robots I remember didn’t quite crack it.

I barely remember seeing you guys at the practice field, forgot the robot until now. I hope me being entertained wasn’t too rude.

Also making me feel old, because most of these kids don’t remember skyrise and I feel like it was just a couple years ago.


same, but clean sweep. :stuck_out_tongue:

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(red shirt funny hat on losing alliance)
I remember cleansweep too. Just actually feels like a long time ago.

Yes, me again, lol. I know I mentioned G5 and everyone has talked about the tethers, myself included. What about the second part that says “or leave mechanisms on the field.” The word “or” would indicate a separate action other than detaching. It seems to me leaving the cage would fit that description, even if you are still attached.

What say you? Again, it’ll depend on the Q&A and I’m really curious to know their call.

Leaving a mechanism on the field refers to after a match, it basically makes it so teams can’t just leave whatever falls off their bot on the field. This rule existed in TT and tethered passive walls where still fine, I clarified this with multiple head refs, and a worlds ref, and a couple RECF reps last year when I was using my bot.


When Skyrise was designed I fully expected multiple high performing elimination alliances at VEX Worlds to have a Wallbot. I was pretty disappointed that it never happened.


I was trying to get that to happen this year :slight_smile: I was gunna release a video of my wall on a tray bot and then hope that worlds was full of them lel, 'twould have been fun


No worries! We were not offended at all.

This is something that seem to be missing in recent years - the willingness of teams trying out-of-the-box stuff that might even be bordering on being silly… and if it didnt work out, then have a good laugh and learn from it.

(but imagine if it managed to spear all the cubes, that will be epic! lol… )

I remember you mentioning that too… after worlds.
I was actually pretty convinced that a wallbot will be absolutely useful for skyrise.
but think it does require proper game analysis and courage from the teams to pick a wallbot that most likely will be placed near the bottom.

So let’s see how this season game will evolve. It does have the potential to see some wallbot or capbot :slight_smile:


I’m curious what the ruling would be if the string got entangled in another robots drive train after driving over it. Who’s at fault?

Technical it will be the fault of the robot driving over it, especially if it has mecanum wheels, because it has “hooked” the string

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I am not so sure… going by G12 - it has always been ruled as the fault of the wallbot or tether bot.


Wouldn’t you be able to just pull it off? It seems like it doesn’t have a locking mechanism.