Robot contacts the platform after the end of a match

Than That head ref had no idea what he was doing, he told me that he can promise me that that is not how it works… we should have had 4 more win points :frowning:

Tournament Manager takes care of this sort of thing automatically – there should be no special action needed on the part of your head ref (or anyone else) to make sure every team gets the correct number of WP.


It was a very interesting tournament, they somehow did it so we didn’t win. No one knew the rules or how to run a tournament

In many ways, this is a learning season for all.

Glad in-person events are happening, and glad volunteers are stepping up to make them happen.

Sure but the 30 points awarded to the other team may have caused them to win - say they had 3 Home Zone Goals (60 points) and you had 4 Home Zone Goals (80 points). If your partner got DQed, you get 2 WP (since you won 80-60) and the other alliance gets 2 WP (since your partner got DQed). If your partner incurred a 30 point penalty, now you get 0 WP as you lose 90-80.

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In order for this to happen, there would have to be two separate infractions during the last 30 seconds – one which did not “interfere with gameplay” for the free elevation, and a second which did interfere with gameplay for the DQ.

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Sort of; I’m intending my scenario to be 1 infraction which causes either the 30 points or the DQ. It may be more beneficial to the alliance partner of the “infracting team” for that infraction to be a DQ if that alliance would have won the match. Basically, if @9MotorGang 's partner DQed, but he won anyway, no big deal. If @9MotorGang 's partner incurred a 30 point penalty in a match they would otherwise have won by fewer than 30 points, that’s a bummer.

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Ah, I see – that makes sense.

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Where it would matter to @9MotorGang 's partner’s perspective is whether their alliance got an AWP. In that case, they would prefer not to be DQed, since the DQ wipes out the AWP (and, I believe, the AP and SP for that level of tie-breaker). If they lost auton and didn’t get the AWP, the partner gets a L, and it doesn’t matter to them whether it was a DQ or 30point swing.

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Interesting. This thread made me wonder about something that happened at our last tournament. During the last 30 seconds of a match, a blue alliance robot intentionally tipped the red platform which resulted in 3 elevated goals sliding down. Before this happened the red alliance was winning the match. The blue robot was DQ’d, but the change in the score from those 3 goals no longer being balanced was enough to make the red alliance lose the match.

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As @holbrook cites the manual’s T11 section describing Disqualifications.

In this case, the blue DQed robot should get 0 WP, 0 AWP, 0 AP, and 0 SP. The other 3 robots should get 2 WP and whatever AWP/AP/SP points would normally have been awarded. Tournament Manager handles this, provided that the data entry of the DQed team is correct.


In this case, the remaining blue robot did get 2 WP, but the red alliance got zero. This was at a very well-run event with experienced people running it. I am thinking there may have been a TM mistake.

I’m going to guess that the TM operator didn’t click the DQ button. I’ve found, across many, many seasons, that TM works. But the key thing is the operators have to make sure all the input is in correctly.


It would likely depend on the circumstances. It would be up to the ref to decide the final outcome but under most circumstances, as long as it doesn’t influence the match/unbalance or balance the platform I don’t think it would count for the penalty since it is after the end of the match, and hence the final 30 second period listed in sg3.

Scoring only begins after all “objects” come to rest. If a robot is till moving at “the end of the match” due to momentum and contacts the opposing platform, in my opinion, it would still be liable for the penalty.


I think it would ultimately be the referee’s decision as there are a lot of variables.