Robot Crates

Anyone have a link to a good robot crate? Thanks for the help in advance.

My club uses these.

We have these

Here’s what we use…


nice lol

do you have any issues with your robot moving around inside?

looks fire but wheres the link to buy that?

We usually have more things in there as well, such as tool boxes and game elements. The extra stuff anchors the robot pretty well. Also, if you have a full-length c-channel drive, then it fits quite snugly and nothing slides around. The interior width is exactly 18 inches.

okay thanks

heh we use a cardboard box.

We use these pelican crates to ship robots. Interior space is 20x20x20, so they’re pretty much perfect. Also, with the casters they make a great cart. In my experience, they’re pretty much ubiquitous.

I second @Rod’s comment and I highly recommend these. They are even better if you put the Pelican wheels on them.

We use a rolling tool cart for our parts and we built another cart out of wood for our robot

Pelican case with wheels

We used two layer cardboard boxes on the plane to Worlds. We also used the same thing @Korbin used to carry it.

Love our Pelican cases with wheels…

Our school’s shop class custom-made ours. They are wooden with lots of foam padding on the inside, leaving almost exactly 18" cubed of space. They work really well and they’re easy to store.

Thanks everyone for all the help, cardboard and hands look like a recurring theme.

Yeah, our team cheaps out and just uses cardboard as well. They’re good enough lol.

My team has the same thing but with separate roller carts that we can put them on