Robot cutting out problem (12c?)

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So, we where pretty sure that replacing the cortex would solve the problem. (the cortex needed replaced for other reasons as well.) Our robot now has the brand new cortex installed, but the issue is practically just as bad as before.

Yes. When it cuts out, nothing can be moved on the robot. It goes through it’s start up procedure. you then have to push the LCD screen to get it going again. during this, the lights all stay green on both the cortex and joystick. The reset time is less than 3 seconds most of the time and happens at least once every 15 - 40 seconds.

We haven’t gone to this extent, but we did double check that firmware was up to date using robotc and we downloaded a simple drive, but it was still cutting out.

The weirdest thing is that the cutting out seems like it is often random and not due to breaker issues…

We also have (5) 12c encoders that have been really problematic lately. sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they are just not reading correctly. I unplugged all but the first one by un plugging the output in the first encoder, and it seems to read values just fine for that one encoder. All the encoders have the black/white gear for the encoder to read.

UPDATE: I tried this today and I have experienced no cutting out problems when only 1 or 2 of the 12c encoders are plugged in. We would like to use 4 if possible.

Is their a limit of the amount of 12c encoders you can have or do we maybe have a bad motor encoder? Bad wiring?

Thanks again!