Robot database

Is there a website that has the rankings of all VRC robots? I know used to be good but it hasn’t been updated for the starstruck season. Also the ranking page hasn’t been updated either.

Obviously, most of the scouting apps and web applications rely on vexDB for some beautiful JSON information in order to operate. And VexDB requires roboevents, which is the only sanctioned and official database of information regarding events.

So no, until roboevents updates, your a little stuck.

I guess you can say you are “star-stuck” :slight_smile:

I laughed so hard at this I knocked a glass off my table and got water all over the floor. Well done :wink:

I am saddened by this. I hope we get back by the time our competitions roll around. I am a sucker for some statistics!

Just to clarify. The issue isn’t really on, robotevents just does not currently give correct information in its csv files for to parse.

I am aware, yes.