Robot Design/Modeling Software (CAD)

Is there a free vex robot designer for the computer? I am trying to think out ideas and my drawing skills are not great.

well, there’s Autodesk Inventor, you can use that to make a 3D assembly out of vex parts, its really useful and easy to use once you get the hang of it. and it is free for students and competitors.

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I’d reccomend Autodesk Inventor. Students or anyone who claims they are a student can get it for free


I have tried Autodesk Inventor and it runs WAY too slow on my computer.

I have the same issue, so I run 3D Builder which is significantly lighter on the system. I made my own library for it which is linked here:


Fusion 360 is less resource hungry than Inventor, perhaps give that a whirl.


Thank You @vexreally for sending me those parts and suggesting 3D builder. I would have never thought that would work. Thank you.

If your school offers solidworks licenses, that’s what I use.

Dassault also offers free Solidworks licenses to VRC teams through their sponsorship program:


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I personally use inventor but I know teams that use sketch up. Our school district has it downloaded on all of our computers but I think it is free. Its definitely not as good as inventor. Below is a video of another team that is using it.

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The best free option for vex is robot mesh it is a free online coding IDE and 3D modeling software for Vex. The only complaint I have is that it is hard to navigate and change perspective and from my experience with it you cannot constrain parts.