Robot design' s idea

Hi. Our team built the robot with double reverse 4 bar lift and it’s keep flip the robot over and unable to move. So, I actually need some ideas to solve it. Thank you.

Do u have a video of it? I can look over it tommorow morning.

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I don’t have it but I think I have a video on YouTube that have the same problem.

It’s in the last part of the video

You may need some sort of anti tip mechanism such as a wheel or bar that pops put of your robot at the beginning of the match to stop flips or you need more weight on your base.

First of all, I would not recommend spinning the robot at max speed with the arm raised. But I see 2 solutions: Add counterweight to the front of the robot (holding cubes in the front will help) or mounting the motors on the base will decrease the weight of the middle bar on the lift. While the motors don’t weight that much, the higher the lift goes, the more influence it will have on the stability of the arm. Also adding more support will help remove some unnecessary periods of uncontrolled lifting, decreasing the likelihood that the robot will lose control and fall. If all else fails, you can slow the speed of the chassis or arm to maintain speed (not recommended because limiting you robots ability isn’t really a solution). Sorry I just realized that this has been like 3 or 4 things but good luck with your dr4b.


Thank you so much. This idea helps me a lot .

Another idea to prevent tipping is to add passively deploying anti-tip bars deployed by the lift raising.

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or if you want to leave the motors on the dbr4 gearbox, try to put as much stuff as possible (brain, cubes, drive motors) to balance the weight. you want a mostly central center of gravity, so that the bot cannot tip in either direction. if you look at their bot, most weight is in the back, and the center of gravity is not central, therefore it tips easily.