Robot Design - Solidworks

What is the best process to take a Solidworks assembly and turn it into a physical robot?

Make a drawing from the assembly, then insert a bill of materials (parts level). Gather all your parts, cut to length as needed (lengths will be on the BOM), and get to work!


What is a BOM? Also, my team does not have that much experience working with drawings. How do you recommend I train them?

BOM → Bill of Materials, basically a part list.
If you want to learn how to use drawings, there are plenty of articles and wiki’s online that you can use.


BOM is one of the tables that can be inserted into a drawing. After creating the drawing, select any of the assembly views, and insert/table/BOM. Here’s a link to the Solidworks knowledge base, a good place to start: Bill of Materials - Overview - 2020 - SOLIDWORKS Help

Another option is to create a BOM inside the assembly, here’s a video; Inserting BOM into a SolidWorks Assembly - YouTube We don’t usually do the latter, as we are typically preparing working drawings that we’ll want to print out, but it is certainly an option.


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