Robot Designer Allado Youtube Channel

Hey guys! With the end of Toss Up, my time as a high school participant also ends. I’ve had a great experience with Vex Robotics, so I’ve decided to preserve my experience and give back to the community.


This YouTube channel will contain tutorials for all skill levels, as well as reviews and analyses for upcoming seasons. Furthermore, this channel will also preserve the experiences of past seasons in hope to further promote the skill level of upcoming competitions.

Feel free to request topics, correct content, or simply leave comments. I hope you all enjoy!!


Awesome! Looks like we have a serious competitor against bots and stuff! Well, i really wish i had someone to tell me some basics when i started, things like drive base ratio and programming. Hope more beginners can benefit from this.

My suggestion for topics is, introduction to basic vex robot archetype, including intro to popular bases, gear towers, arms and intakes. Then begin with some basic programming. You can leave IME for later. For beginners introduce the simple wait and set motor method of programming so that beginners can make decent autonomous programs. That should be enough to get a person started. Also some intro and promotion of engineering notebook will help. In low level local qualifiers, there aren’t a lot of elite teams with killer notebooks, so a decent notebook will help a lot for beginners and they will appreciate you if you include this part that is usually left out.